Monday, November 9, 2009

Over the Weekend...

Oh, Phoenix. Remember when we weren't on speaking terms?
When you were all like: I don't care if you don't have AC in your car, I'm going to be 120*. 
And I was all like: Fine, I hate you, giant sprawling metropolis.
And you were like: FINE. got insanely gorgeous outside again and I got over it.

This weekend was a festival weekend. Phoenix saves them up for when the weather is delicious and then we pack as much in as we can. Saturday we hit up the Local Fall First Festival (yay, local!) and sampled some tasty foods. Also, thrilled to recall that these beauties are printed in my neck of the woods:

Cards by seesaw.
(There is nothing better than checking the mailbox and finding a beautiful card with a thoughtful note inside.)

Afterwards we headed for Armenia Fest 2009. We ate platefuls of Armenian home cooking and enjoyed Armenian music and dancing. And beer.

This weekend was also filled with:
Belgian waffles and the Farmer's Market.
My first Zumba class.
Pitchers on patios with excellent people and weather.
Slicing, roasting, and pureeing our Halloween pumpkins to make another stellar Smitten Kitchen recipe.
(By the way, canned pumpkin is a gift from the gods. I gave myself a minor knife wound on Sunday and vow to never dismantle pumpkins again without a designated chopper. Canned is the way to go.)

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