Monday, December 7, 2009

Best Article 2009 (aka my exact thoughts, better-articulated)

Back in October, Jonathan Safran Foer wrote an article entitled "Against Meat" for the New York Times. Reading this piece felt like partaking in one of those late night conversations with someone you've just met, where they're explaining their philosophy on music or pizza or gun control...and you can't seem to speak because everything that comes out of their mouth is your exact thought. It's a kind of magical feeling, where no matter how insignificant the topic at hand, you feel like you've found a kindred spirit.

Becoming a vegetarian was a personal choice for me, and I don't bring it up much. The last thing I want to do is force my opinions on anyone else, or make them feel judged. Heck, I ate meat for 25 years. Mr. Foer better-articulated the reasons that I decided to stop eating meat, and gave me a resource...a beautifully written article that I could point people towards when trying to explain my point of view.

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