Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Best Trip of 2009

The old suitcase has gotten a really good workout this year. My ability to add or subtract 2-3 hours from the time displayed on my Blackberry depending on where I am on any given day has become uncanny. Delta employees in the Charleston airport have started to recognize me and ask me when I'll be back through. Work has put me in many cities over the last 11 months, and while I hate being away from home and husband, along with the dreaded exhaustion that comes with work-related travel,  I love my mini-adventures on the road. The friends I've made over the last 27 years have scattered far and wide, and I can usually manage to meet up with a good one for beer or coffee in every town. Seeking out good local spots is an obsession of mine that I get to indulge whilst out of town--local breweries, eateries, specialties. But that's work stuff.

El Alcazar, Sevilla.

La Giralda and touristy trinkets.

I have two Best Trips this year. The first was my honeymoon in glorious Spain. After a semester in Sevilla during college, I fell deeply in love with Spanish culture and Spanish language. Making it back to Spain was on my "To Do Before I Die" list--and there was no better time. Twinkling lights in Spanish squares on hot summer nights with pitchers of sangria and my new husband. It doesn't get much better than that in my book.

Late night in our old stomping grounds. (Seattle)

The other Best Trip was to Seattle for our west coast wedding reception. There was a lot of love in K's parents' backyard, and a lot less stress than there was on the big day. We did all of the important Seattle things--drank Mac N Jacks, ate Thai food, visited the old neighborhood, danced at the Little Red Hen...and all with the best of friends.

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